Baby Ghosts grant and peer accelerator.

Baby Ghosts is a partnership between Weird Ghosts and Gamma Space . This four-month program provides funding and hands-on assistance to support the development of studios led by emerging underrepresented founders.

We are particularly interested in teams that haven't had the chance to work together for very long. Sound like you? Apply now, or get in touch if you have questions!

More experienced? Looking for investment up to $150,000? Our Early fund is for you. Learn more about our investment structure and apply here.

  1. Financial support: An unrestricted grant of $20,000 at the start of the program.
  2. Pitch prep: Practice and feedback for pitching to publishers and funders – and marketing to the public.
  3. Product development: Deep dive into scoping, design and audience.
  4. Production process: Learn how workflows, roles and communication come together.
  5. Professional development: Coaching through studio development milestones.
  6. Community support: Tap into an engaged group of founders, developers and artists for peer mentorship and skill development.

Coordinated by Gamma Space Hyades node: datejie cheko green, Kaitlyn Dougon, bryan depuy and Henry Faber

And Weird Ghosts: Eileen Mary Holowka and Jennie Robinson Faber

With support from:

Ontario Creates

Applications are closed until fall. Please get in touch if you have any questions.