Tools for Accountability in Your Impact-Oriented Studio

In our blog post A Brief Intro to Making Your Indie Game Studio Impactful, we shared some starting points for making your studio impactful. But how do you actually account for and value positive social impact in a studio business context?

If you’re ready to dig deeper – you’re in luck! We’ve launched a rich new resource ( for studio founders interested in social impact. The first article you’ll want to read is on developing a results flow for your studio to keep you accountable for your goals.

Here’s Weird Ghosts’:

Weird Ghosts' Results Flow

By the end, we hope you’ll have a draft of your own.

We’ll guide you through understanding a results flow diagram and how it can help you plan and measure your studio’s impact. We’ll help you craft your intended impact statement (which defines what success looks like for your studio) and guide you through drafting your ultimate outcome statement (which paints a picture of your dream world).

We’ll walk you through the process of identifying your studio’s core activities and understanding the outcomes you can expect from each. We’ll show you how to use backward mapping to connect your ultimate outcome to your activities, ensuring everything you do aligns with your ultimate goal.

We’ll also help you refine your results flow, identify the resources you need, consider activities to start or stop, and prioritize what’s necessary now. Finally, we’ll guide you in reflecting on your results flow, checking its realism and logic, and identifying the outcomes you’ll hold yourself accountable for achieving.

Start mapping your values and resources to the positive change you want to see in the world.

If you’d like some feedback once you’ve created your results flow, share it with us! Then dive into developing your full impact measurement framework.

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