Questions asked and answered.

What is the size of your grants and investments?

Our Concept fund provides a $20,000 grant and 4 months of community mentorship to produce, release and market a small demo. Our Early fund provides up to $150,000 for studio development (funds may be used in part for project/game development, but should mainly fund studio development roles and activities). Our Growth fund is variable based on the needs of the studio.

What do you mean by “led by underrepresented founders”?

We are looking for applications from teams where a majority – half or more – of the founders are from underrperesented identity group(s).

What is an “underrepresented identity group”?

This is a broadly inclusive term meant to prioritize those who have been socially and structurally excluded from accessing capital, professional networks, studio employment or career progression; who have faced barriers to participating in entrepreneurship and government funding programs.

It includes anyone who experiences marginalization or underrepresentation due to their gender (including people who are at any intersection of trans and nonbinary identities, however they are or are not expressed), race and/or skin colour (e.g., IBPoC individuals), queerness, disability, religion, housing status, economic status, immigration or citizenship status (including newcomers to Canada).

What is “studio development”?

We mean any activities related to:

  • Structure, ownership and management: Forming a co-op; setting expectations between founders; legal aspects of working with contractors, employees and partners.
  • Business models: Establishing revenue channels through services, product development, IP, partnerships, multi-channel strategies and monetization
  • Goals and values: Centering studio work around shared guiding principles
  • Process and operating methodologies: Project management tools and methods, roles and responsibilities, development of transparent and effective communication strategies

What is a non-extractive impact fund?

Impact investments are investments that are made to generate measurable social or cultural impacts alongside financial returns. For Weird Ghosts, some of our impact goals are to improve the diversity and equity in the Canadian games funding ecosystem, support a shift away from overworking in games, support a sustainable gaming community in Canada, and see more projects by and about marginalized people. “Non-extractive” means that we will make sure our investees pay themselves and cover their costs before we recoup, and that our deals are flexible and benefit our investees more than us.

Our fund intends to make not only financial returns, but also measurable social impact returns through our own work and the outcomes of the work of our studio investees. Read more about what that means in our article, “A brief intro to making your indie game studio impactful”. We are also designing deals that prioritize the sustainability of our investees.

What should I include in my pitch deck?

We’re looking for the story and vision of your studio. This is a little different from your typical VC or publisher pitch deck, which usually focuses on a specific project with deeper market analysis and projections.

At a minimum, please provide:

  • Information on your team (names, roles)
  • Growth goals/studio 5-year vision
  • Impact goals
  • A summary of the projects you’re working on
  • Your business and marketing plans, on a very high level
  • Studio budget overview

Where does the funding for Weird Ghosts come from?

The resources for this project are donated by Infinite Ammo Inc. One of our co-founders is the sister of Infinite Ammo’s late founder, Alec. This project has been backed by support from his family. We want to be transparent about the fact that Weird Ghosts exists because of really painful circumstances that also hurt members of our community. It is our hope that Weird Ghosts transforms this pain into something positive for our community.

No other investors or LPs are involved in the fund at this time.

How do I apply for funding through Weird Ghosts?

First, ensure you are eligible. We are funding video game studios (no tabletop at this time, so sorry!) in Canada led by marginalized founders. Next, complete our application form.

If you have any questions, we’d be happy to answer them via email.