Studios we’ve funded.

Apocablyss is a new creative studio founded by Paloma Dawkins and Ashley Opheim dedicated to creating magical, interactive and multi-platform entertainment that inspires human connection and conscious engagement. Founded on feminist principles, Apocablyss bends towards exploring surrealism, psychedelic, altered states of consciousness and surrealism within fun, colourful, good-vibe environments. They specialize in creating meditative and transformative environments IRL as well as in VR/AR, print and video game formats. Apocablyss is devoted to using new media to explore new forms of storytelling, invoking conversations around caring for our planet and protecting life, creating animated and programmed speculative fictions that help us re-connect and re-imagine ourselves and the world around us in these troubled and turbulent times.

Toronto-based Rocket Adrift is founded by Lindsay Rollins, Sloane Smith, and Titus McNally. They are a narrative-driven game studio interested in highlighting the perspectives of LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC experiences. Their previous games include Raptor Boyfriend (2021) and Order a Pizza (2019) and they are currently working on Psychroma, a side-scrolling psychological horror game about facing your trauma and finding hope for the future. Rocket Adrift also runs a cyberpunk roleplaying podcast called Dark Future Dice and have a devlog where they write about game development, funding, and more.

Something We Love is a Winnipeg-based company founded by Ibrahim Shahin and Brendan Campbell. They are a cooperative studio that focuses on making non-violent narrative and whimsical games. Something We Love is creating games about spending time with loved ones and building community, and prioritizing BIPOC, immigrants, people with disabilities, and people of marginalized genders and sexual orientations through their storytelling and hiring practices.

VIVIDBLUE LTD is a Black-owned Toronto studio founded by Nate Tannis. VIVIDBLUE LTD is currently working on Duskwitch: Heroic Soul, a fun, stylish character action game where you play as Rutie, a witch forced to confront her mistakes and save the world from an apocalypse of her own making. VIVIDBLUE LTD is interested in producing games that feature POC and LGBTQIA+ characters in the leading roles.

Something Magic is a Montreal-based studio led by Jesse Stong, Burcu Emeç, and Amir Såm Nakhjavani. They are an interdisciplinary team interested in the potential of VR, AR, and mixed reality in games and theatre. Their studio aims to make space for underrepresented artists to explore storytelling in collaborative environments.